Mini Showroom Valet

Our Mini Showroom Valets Start from £45

— 4X4 & larger vehicles from £55 —

Mobile Valeting – Mini Showroom Valet

Your mini Showroom valet can be carried out at your premises by dedicated mobile valeting team.  We will ensure that your vehicle will be cleaned to the very highest standards.   We have a number of high profile clients who use our professional car valeting services in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. .  If you need more than just a mini showroom valet ask your mobile valet specialist about our other mobile valeting services.

  • seats, carpets and boot hoovered
  • windows inside and out cleaned
  • Dashboards polished
  • Door pads cleaned
  • Exterior wash
  • Wheels cleaned and tyre shine

  • Free Smelly

  • Outside Wax